Trees need the proper nutrients to help them stand resilient against disease, pests, and environmental stressors. We don’t just fertilize—we test your soil, fully assess the tree, plant, or shrub, and provide a customized nutrition plan using slow release 100% organic fertilizers when possible. In the Pacific Northwest, pH is incredibly important to monitor. The best fertilizer in the world will have zero influence on plant health if the pH has not been adjusted properly. By tracking soil pH, we can provide long-term solutions to keep your plants in top health. Our effective fertilization techniques can mean the difference between your trees thriving for a century, or merely a decade.

Services provided:

  • Surface Application – Granular fertilizer can be spread on the soil around trees and shrubs to give your plants the boost they need.

  • Deep Root Application – By drilling into the soil near root or watering systems, we can deliver nutrients directly to the roots, where plants need them most and can use them most efficiently. This technique provides the added advantage of soil aeration to further promote plant health.

  • Foliar Application – Nutrients can be applied and absorbed through the plants’ leaves or needles to remedy minor deficiencies.

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