Integrated Pest Management

Our integrated pest management (IPM) program means that we will identify and eradicate troublesome pests and disease with minimal risks to people, pets, and the environment. We see pest management as a last resort, since we strive to maintain the health of your trees first and foremost through proper care, culture, and nutrition. When IPM is necessary, we are as specific as possible in identifying the pests and/or pathogens. We determine if the damage is sufficient to proceed with control, choose the least environmentally harmful method, and execute measures with precision and expert care to assure the vitality of your landscape for years into the future.

Services provided:

  • Trunk Injections – This method can sometimes be used in place of spraying as a way to protect trees, while minimizing environmental exposure.

  • Systemic Treatments – By treating the trunk or soil directly around the tree, we can fight infestations effectively from the inside out.

  • Foliar Treatments – This treatment involves providing leaves and needles with a protective layer to stop the growth and spread of foliar tree diseases, most of which are caused by fungi commonly present in our damp northwest environment.

  • Corrective Pruning & Thinning – Managing overgrown plants can make them less susceptible to pests and disease.

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