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Patricia Onion

Our experience with Earthworks Tree Service was extraordinary! They restored our long-lost view of Bellingham Bay that we feared we’d never see again because of the 15+ trees in our neighbors’ yard. These trees had been topped multiple times over the past 25 years but they were tangled and overgrown, and the new owners were unaware of the problem. Brandon Brodie, the Earthworks owner, was amazingly diplomatic and knowledgeable in facilitating the difficult conversations with our new neighbors who were reluctant to work with us at first. As a certified arborist and risk management consultant, Brandon gained their trust as he advised them about the risks of not managing their trees. His expertise was critical, yet his sensitivity and integrity made all the difference with our neighbors’ decision to work with us on trimming and shaping their trees. The entire Earthworks team are all-stars!! They are hard-working, courteous professionals who are masterful with their aesthetic, precision cuts and careful clean-up. The result for us is a spectacular view of the bay and good relations with our neighbors. We are grateful to Earthworks and we give our highest recommendation! -Trish and Charles Onion

Charlie Maliszewski

Our job involved tree trimming of a Doug fir and some cedars; removal of a tall shore pine, three large alders, and three tall/spindly Oregon oaks; pruning of a dawn redwood; brushing an area full of blackberry and vine maple; removal of some brush piles. A few things that stood out about the crew’s work: they checked in with me to make sure their plans for each part of the project met my expectations; they used great care to work around existing landscape features; John artfully pruned the most valuable tree on our property (a mature dawn redwood); add-on work was not an issue for them; they were all courteous and knowledgeable; and they left the site clean. I enjoyed watching the crew in action……..excellent teamwork. And I got the sense that these guys know A LOT about tree health and aesthetics. The price was reasonable as well. We will definitely go to Earthworks with our next tree job.

Bobbie Kahn

I humbly admit that I’m not much of a review writer. While I have had great experiences over the years I just didn’t take the time to put it into print. With that said – EARTHWORKS and their crew have inspired me to sing their praises. Brandon met with us to discuss what needed to be done on our property. We are surrounded by 5 acres of natural growth forest and storm related damage such as leaning and dead trees lined the perimeter of the property and needed attention. Not only did Brandon explain what trees needed attention he also told us the ones that didn’t. Not all the trees we tagged as a problem were a concern and he educated us on how and why? We really appreciated his integrity and knowledge. We explained that we have no desire to clear our forest and prefer it as natural as we found it and we don’t mind trees remaining where they fall. Also any wood chips can remain on site to. The crew did an extraordinary job at removing and safely laying those trees in the forest. Their cleanup of debris and branches was untraceable.  Absolutely fabulous job Earthworks!!  I have to thank them for clearing my garden debris that I had laying around from the day before. Nice touch guys and very appreciative.  Our property looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Brandon and John, apart from you and crew being a great group of guys, you set the standard for professionalism and integrity! Your rates are fair and affordable and your worth it!
I would not hesitate to recommend you for any job big or small.

Ru F

I needed over 4000 sq ft of underbrush and trees cleared quickly in time for excavation for a new home (some of the trees were higher than 50 ft). Earthworks staff spoke to me on the weekend and within a business day had people out on the site to get the work done, despite the pouring rain. This type of responsiveness, attention-to-detail, thoroughness, and readiness-to-get-the-job-done is pretty rare nowadays. They did everything they said they would and more and did it on time, even though the labor market is tight and they had to get a manager out to assist. Note: I plan to post this review on multiple sites since Earthworks deserve the good press. Photo of completed job below. Note how clean they left the site. These guys are good.

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