An Airspade is a tool that an arborists use to pneumatically excavate soil away from the roots of a tree without damaging them. There any many reasons you would want to expose the root system. A majority tree health problems start at the roots.

Soil decompaction- foot traffic and construction can compress soil around roots limiting a tree’s ability to uptake water, nutrients and air.¬† Air Spade can loosen soil around roots to restore trees ability to uptake water, nutrients and air.

Radial trenching- a technique to restore poor soil or compacted roots. By making narrow trenches between the large roots and replacing with organic mulch or amended soil.

Root inspection- to find out whether there is problems within the root system such as girdling roots, rot, damage. Or if roots are within a potential building site.

Trenching- you can trench and run utilities without damaging roots

Transplanting- Air spade enables transplanting minimising root damage.

Roots in foundation- we can expose roots, prune them and create a root barrier to protect your homes foundation and to avoid unnecessary tree removal.

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