Forest Health 

With experience in forestry practices and management we offer several on-the-ground
treatments to help protect your forested property from devastating damage. Expert
staff can assess potential risk factors that can be removed or minimized in your
forested areas, and implement safeguards to prevent damage to both your tree and
structural assets.

Services Provided:

– Fire Mitigation – This service involves implementing measures to
prevent and minimize damage from potential wildfires to help
protect that preserve your forestlands, as well as nearby
structures that could be at risk. We can work with you to create
and implement a thorough plan that helps put your mind at ease.
– Lot Clearing – The removal of debris and brush can stop a fire
from spreading throughout and beyond your forestlands.
– Douglas-fir Beetle Damage Removal – Proactive measures can
be taken to prevent the infestation of Douglas-fir beetles on your
forestlands. Damaged trees are especially susceptible to
infestations, which can spread quickly to healthy tree stands. We
can help identify trees that are at risk for an infestation as well as
signs of beetle’s presence, and remove infested trees to stop the
problem before it becomes an epidemic. If you have valuable
forested assets, act early to reduce damaging impacts to your

Commercial Services:

Earthworks Tree Service offers annual maintenance contracts for commercial and
residential property management companies, condominiums, apartment complexes,
homeowners associations (HOA), and large commercial properties located from Blaine
and Bellingham to Burlington and Mount Vernon.

Our annual maintenance contract will keep trees clear of buildings, and maintain the
size and shape of your trees. Included in this package: If an emergency happens it will
be taken care of right away.

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